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Create an environment that is ideal to live and to work in.
Create products and applications that meet the needs of the customer and the high standard that Clemens Wilczynski demands upon these products.

In an environment where there is no stress, you can work on a relative relax way on the needs of the customer. It is VERY well possible to do IT jobs for principals on a large distance. By eMail, skype, teamviewer, VOIP, fax and naturally by telephone and the mail, there is a wide choice to communicate with one another.
Because of the distance, it becomes more important to make good agreements with one another while making the order.

The customer does not accept half work nowadays. Too many bunglers say that they are experts. A qualitative good and reliable product for a reasonable price.

Before Clemens Wilczynski started CWW-CretanWebWorld, he was 18 years as IT consultant under paid employment. In this time he worked for finance organizations and retail projects.

The knowledge and energy are there, willingly we want to show you as our customer what the power of 'The Internet' is.

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